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XMen Logan Wolverine

December 2016

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XMen Logan Wolverine

[sticky post] Hey there! *waves*


It's me, Brina, or kleinepfoetchen. :) If you'd like to be friends, please comment below and tell me what we have in common. :D


Let's see we have, Nagron, writing, Spartacus, Friends, art, we both like taking pretty pictures, I think we are both pretty creative, oh oh and we have C in common haha :P. Haha there is probably a lot we have in common and I know I probably didn't have to do this but I felt like it anyways.
Hey Süße!!!! Wäre super, wenn wir wieder Freunde werden könnten. :D
Auf jeden Fall! :D
Adding you for reasons! Like TW! And apparently CASTLE, LOTR, Hunger Games, etc etc YAY. :D

Hahahaha, I think I never had such a mutual adding before! Great minds think alike! <3
LOL YAY! And yes! They must :D We're just that awesome <3
We have to create our own little happy place for all our ships. Hey, we have to find out which ships we like btw!
LOL that shouldn't be too hard. I'm not kidding when I say I literally ship everything :D :D hahaha. THERE ARE SO MANY.
YAY! :D Any ships you're not so fond of?
LOL, not really. I tend to stick with the main characters really, but I love the parents and Parrish and stuff :] I'm not really a fan of anyone with any villains though I guess. If that counts! =P What about you???
Aww, poor Stilesy!

Okay, so my current ships are Sterek, Chris/Derek, Derica, also like Dydia and Dennifer (before she turned evil). I'm a sucker for Derek/? ships. Haha! He's my favorite, so much! My favorite characters are Derek, Stiles, Chris, Erica, Cora, Isaac, also the Sheriff and Melissa, too. :)

I'm not really into any ships of Stiles with anyone but Derek somehow (like Stalia and Stydia). I don't know, I can't see him with anyone else. But like you, I do not hate on other ships. :)
Haha, I'm kinda weird with Stiles ships too. I love him to pieces (definitely my fav character on the show overall) and I kindaaa see him as my spirit animal =P But like. I don't overly ship him with anyone? I think he and Malia are adorable, but I don't read fic or anything. I think him and Lydia will be end game eventually. Sterek is like... AMAZING for fic, lmao. But on the show I don't really see it? At least not much. I'm not sure though. I just don't think anyone's actually good enough for him? Haaahaha. It's so weird. You'd think I'd ship him with everyone if he's my favorite but apparently not :( I mean I do. But not hardcore. SIGHHHH.
It's not weird at all! Everyone is different and I can relate to what you're saying! So don't worry about it. :D I'm weird myself, with all my Derek ships, don't even ask how awkward I feel!