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United we stand

Devided we fall

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28 November
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~*United we stand, Devided we fall*~


Brina, 30 years old, female, from Germany, shipper, nature lover, family person, rodent Mom

Credit: effects, fonts etc: GIMP and picmonkey.com; screencaps by kissthemgoodbye.net
Disclaimer: I DON'T own anyone or anything. I DON'T own any tv shows or movies. I DON'T own their characters or storylines either. They belong to the writers and producers of those shows and movies. I DON'T own any book characters or storylines either; they belong to the authors and publishers of those books. The fanfics are written for fun, NOT for profit. The fanarts are made for fun, NOT for profit. No copyright infringement of any kind is intended.

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